La Li Lu - Nur die Frau im Mond schaut zu (Allgemein)

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Ach Du Sch....., das wusste ich nicht. Mein Gott, das wird ja immer schrecklicher! Danke für den Hinweis, echtes Gold! Big T, wohin man schaut.

Und wohin schaut Frau?

Adlkofer war meines Wissens ein Stargast von Gro Harlem Brundtlands Lieblingsprojekten Tabak und EMF:

26 November, 1999:
"...Dr Repacholi invited Dr. Adlkofer to outline the proposals funded by the EC. Eleven groups in seven EC countries will carry out a number of projects. They are grouped into six work packages...Dr Adlkofer stated that each project had its own schedule but the program overall will run from 2000 and end in 2002...They feel that the overall program is so thorough that if it finds no effects there is little likelihood that any effects will ever be found. Dr Adlkofer offered to provide detailed information for inclusion in the WHO research database."

August 29-31 2000,
"tobacco companies viewed WHO as one of their leading enemies and saw themselves in a battle against WHO.’’...German tobacco scientists led by Professor Franz X. Adlkofer managed to integrate and ingratiate themselves with leading reseachers, academics and government officials. This gave the German tobacco industry the prestige and time to carry out research and the ability to influence policy not just in Germany, but throughout Europe...I am convinced that Germany will soon recognise that tobacco companies operate in a sphere that is outside the realm of the acceptable...In time, public health professionals and lawyers acting in the public interest will reveal the truth about why past governments have been so reluctant to act against tobacco companies...WHO is committed to supporting you in that quest.

Tabak, Adlkofer, Brundtland

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