Mike Repacholi warnt vor Überinterpretation der Lerchl-Studie (Allgemein)

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Bremen, 6.3.2015. Höhere Tumorraten durch elektromagnetische Felder: Forscher der Jacobs University identifizieren Effekte unterhalb bestehender Grenzwerte.

Mike Repacholi, Ex-Koordinator des EMF-Projekts der WHO, hat für das japanische EMF-Informationszentrum die jüngste Krebsstudie von Prof. Lerchl einer Begutachtung unterzogen und warnt vor einer Überinterpretation der Ergebnisse.

Wer sich mit dem Japanischen ähnlich schwer tut wie ich, kann sich die wichtigsten Aussagen Repacholis, der gegenwärtig noch immer an der Universität von Rom lehrt, in englisch auf dieser Website abholen oder den folgenden Extrakt zu sich nehmen:

“While this study was well-conducted and the results are generally consistent with those of the Tillmann pilot study, the incidence of both benign and malignant lung tumours in the Lerchl study following RF exposure was approximately half those reported by Tillmann.”

The differences in tumour incidences can be partly due to variations in the experiment and animals used, Prof Repacholi said.

“However, the lack of any dose response, which is not discussed by the authors in much detail, makes the study results much less convincing,” Prof Repacholi said.

The researchers suggested that RF exposure may have caused local thermal effects resulting in metabolic or blood flow changes in the pregnant mice or their genetically engineered babies, he said.

“However, if this thermal explanation were correct, it would suggest that the greatest effects would have been obtained using the highest SAR [exposure levels], and this was not seen. At present, no mechanistic explanation can be offered for these results.”

“Overall, the results of the Lerchl study only provide a hypothesis for further animal studies to be conducted, using a similar but more advanced model (BALB/c or transgenic mice) to determine whether RF exposure has any tumour promoting effect.”

Prof Repacholi also cautioned about the creation of false links with the study results and concerns that mobile phones might cause brain tumors.

“Given that the results did not find any effect on brain tumours, this does not provide any support for the few epidemiological studies reporting an increase in brain tumours from heavy mobile phone use,” Prof Repacholi said.

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