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Alexander Lerchl @, Mittwoch, 01.06.2016, 08:15 (vor 2944 Tagen) @ H. Lamarr

Wundersam: Unter den 102 Kommentatoren ist nicht ein einziger bekannter Name aus der Anti-Mobilfunk-Szene, kein Lloyd, kein Dariusz, kein Franz, keine Devra, allerdings auch kein Alexander, kein Mike und kein Martin. Diese Show läuft offensichtlich auf anderer Bühne.

Aber in Science gibt es auch einen Bericht und Kommentare, darunter meiner:

"This is a big deal", Christopher Portier says. No, Chris, it isn't. Not at all. With respect to the very few animals with glioma, one can read in the article by NTP: "There was *not* a statistically significant difference between the incidences of lesions in exposed male rats compared to control males for any of the GSM- or CDMA-modulated RFR groups." OK, but then: "However, there was a statistically significant *positive trend* in the incidence of malignant glioma (p < 0.05) for CDMA-modulated RFR exposures." What???? Based on three (out of 90) animals in the 6 W/kg group only while the incidences in all other groups were 0? What about the unusual low incidence of glioma in the control group (historical data show an incidence of about 2%)? What about the data in mice? The data of all other organs which were investigated? What about correcting for multiple comparisons? There are many more critical points I didn't mention. My impression is that the price tag of 25 Mio USD may have been the cause for torturing the data until something "significant" was squeezed out. This is really embarrassing.

"Ein Esoteriker kann in fünf Minuten mehr Unsinn behaupten, als ein Wissenschaftler in seinem ganzen Leben widerlegen kann." Vince Ebert

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