USA: YouTube-Videos der Veranstaltung vom 8. November 2009 (Allgemein)

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Electromagnetic Radiation Impacts on Human Health

Two presentation from the November 8, 2009 Conference sponsored by The EMR-Policy-Institute that took place at the Colorado School of Mines can be viewed at:

Scroll down the left side of the page to find the links to the segments in consecutive order.

  • “Evidence of Health Harm from Electromagnetic Radiation” – Madga Havas PhD, Professor of Environmental & Resource Studies at Trent University, Ontario, Canada. - Professor Havas’s research documents the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and how this affects those with electrohypersensitivity. She discusses the response of diabetics, those with multiple sclerosis as well as the effects of this radiation on the nervous system and on the blood.

  • “How Do You Know Who to Believe?” - Professor Jerry Phillips PhD, Director of the Science Learning Center and Professor Attendant of Chemistry at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO. - Professor Phillips is a researcher in cell biology and molecular biochemistry and author of numerous studies on the biological effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. His presentation focuses on interpreting studies that demonstrate opposing views on the biological and health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields, and dealing with criticism from industry and others (AMA, ACS, and FDA). ---

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