IARC carcinogen scale (Allgemein)

H. Lamarr @, München, Montag, 22.03.2021, 11:27 (vor 1183 Tagen) @ Dariusz Leszczynski

Only some of us are suitably sensitive to RF-EMF exposures to develop cancer. Don't mix it up with the EHS phenomenon.

This is an important note to avoid confusion.

What are pre-conditions, genetic and epi-genetic, that make some of us more sensitive? We don't know because we refuse to study it.

This fits the rare sensitivity of people who suffer a thrombosis after an Astra-Zeneca vaccination.

There is no group 1B in IARC carcinogenicity scale. There are only: 1, 2A, 2B, 3 and 4.

Right, I wrote nonsense in the opening post.

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