Prof. Belpomme von anderen Wissenschaftlern kritisiert (Elektrosensibilität)

Kuddel, Sonntag, 07.02.2016, 16:31 (vor 3052 Tagen) @ Kuddel

In >diesem< Science-Blog eines amerikanischen Neurologen (und bekennenden Skeptikers) an der Yale-Universität werden Dr. Belpommes Aktivitäten ebenfalls recht kritisch kommentiert.

Perhaps the greatest criticism of the COE report is its reliance on scientific reports concerning so-called electromagnetic sensitivity. They specifically cite the work of one Professor Belpomme as support for the concern that individuals may be especially sensitive to EMF. However, Belpomme’s work with EMF is mostly self-published, not peer-reviewed, and his conclusions are not generally accepted by the scientific community.
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The COE’s conclusion seems to be more political hype than scientific reality, and is out of step with other systematic reviews of the same evidence.
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Meanwhile, the premature recommendations could adversely affect the quality of education, which is moving in the direction of incorporating electronic media


Belpomme, Prüfstein

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