Lennart Hardell und der Fall Innocente Marcolini (Allgemein)

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Ein halbes Jahr spräter stellen US-Epidemiologen fest, daß Hardell zwar einen Anstieg der Gliom Raten prohezeit, dies aber nicht in Einklang mit den Fallzahlen in den USA steht.


In this study, we compared the observed patterns for glioma incidence trends in the US in 1992-2008

In der Literaturrecherche wird zunächst darauf hingewiesen, daß in England kein Anstieg beobachtet wurde.

A study in the United Kingdom observed no changes over the period 1998-2007 in the total incidence of brain cancer overall, nor for any sex or age group.

In der aktuellen Studie stellt man auch für die USA fest :

Conclusions: Raised risks of glioma with mobile phone use, as reported by one (Swedish) study forming the basis of the IARC’s re-evaluation of mobile phone exposure, are not consistent with observed incidence trends in US population data

Auch hier wird versichert, daß keine kommerziellen Interessen im Spiel sind.

funding support from the Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health, and the National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics; no financial relationships with any organisations that might have an interest in the submitted work in the previous 3 years; no other relationships or activities that could appear to have influenced the submitted work.

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