Karolinska: Aktueller Stand im Streitfall Olle Johansson (Allgemein)

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Weil sich öffentlich zur Causa Olle Johansson nichts mehr getan hat und die letzte Stellungnahme des Karolinska-Instituts im Juli auch schon lange zurückliegt, habe ich vor ein paar Tagen bei Prof. Cullheim nachgefragt, Olle Johanssons Chef, was der momentane Stand der Dinge sei. Nachfolgend der englische Wortlaut seiner Antwort vom 14. September 2010. Dass er mich darin freundlicherweise zum Doktor befördert, zeigt, dass er im Umgang mit E-Mail-Anfragen aus den Niederungen des gemeinen Volkes noch nicht so viel Erfahrung hat.

Dear Dr Schall,

Thank you for your letter expressing concerns about Dr Olle Johansson's research activities at the Karolinska Institutet.

Unfortunately, the basic facts regarding his situation seems to have been misunderstood by some people who have supported Dr Johansson through various petitions, however. Somehow, the impression has been given that we have decided to acutely withdraw Dr Johansson's premises or least change them in a way that brings large obstacles to his work.

In reality, there is indeed a plan to move his laboratory within our department, but he will be offered premises and conditions following a time table that will suit his activities well.

In all companies and organisations it is accepted that the location of various activities may change with time in order to optimize the effectivity of the organisation. The rooms that Olle Johansson uses at the moment are planned for an extension of a special facility for microscopic imaging. But, as already stated, he will be offered alternative premises.

Thus, our aim is to offer Olle Johansson premises of the same standard as those he is currently using, excluding sources of disturbances by electromagnetic fields. We will discuss alternative locations in the building where our department is located. The size of the premises will be adjusted somewhat to harmonize with the use of space of the other 35 research groups at the department. The costs for premises are shared between the research groups and the department.

This is the first time Olle Johansson needs to move since the department assembled in the Retzius building in 2000. Almost all other researchers, including myself, have already moved within the house at least once during this time. We will of course see to that we minimize the troubles linked with the moving process so that Olle Johansson's work can be continued in an efficient way. I will discuss with him during the autumn a plan that will give the least inconvenience for him.

Sincerely yours,

Staffan Cullheim
chair Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institutet

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